The Alaska 275

This versatile cabin cruiser is a choice design and common on the pacific northwest waters.

The Alaska 275 is good all weather serious boat that can be set up as a commuter, sturdy family cruiser, or serious sport fisher. Comfortable accommodations for weekends or even weeks of vacation and fishing.

She’s 27.5′ LOD 10′ BEAM with a large chine flat that runs all the way fwd for knocking down spray. The hull is a moderate vee at about 17 degrees deadrise at the stern.

The bottom plating is 1/4″ and the topsides 3/16″ ,so she will be tough all over. . … She is based on local pacific northwest crew boats that have evolved over decades for the local logging industry, so there’s no experimental stuff …. Fast and tough.

The engine compartment is set up for a Volvo KAD 44Duo Prop diesel (290 hp) for the ultimate in power and dependability. The reverse sloping ” pacific north west” windscreen stays drier and reduces glare.

The conical bow section allows the topside plating to flare out more in the bow than traditional bow shapes for a safer ride and to further knock down spray.

The Alaska 275 Cutting Edge Aluminium Boats

Customizations or alterations can be made to this design to suit your individual needs.
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