The Lifeboat

A multi-purpose boat that’s a workhorse with plenty of room for cargo.

  • LOA: 19 Feet (5.8 Meters)
  • Beam: 7 Feet (2 Meters)
  • Draft: 8 Inches (20 cm)
  • Displacement at DWL: 2240lbs (1000kg)
  • Freeboard Bow = 22.7 inches (.577 meters)
  • Freeboard At Stern = 2.9 inches (.530 meters)
  • Horsepower: 30-40HP
  • Transom Height: (motor notch) = 22″ [555mm] (Long Shaft)
  • Max Persons: 8 + Operator (Max Load 1700 Kg)
  • Hull Bottom = 3mm
  • Hull Topsides = 3mm
  • Seats etc = 3mm
  • Hull weight approx = 826lbs (375kg)
  • CE Category “D

6m (19ft) Aluminum Lifeboat. A true multi-purpose workboat / pleasure boat. She would make a great hunting / fishing boat for the sportsman needing to haul an ATV into the backwoods, an attractive workboat, or platform for rescue work. Plenty of cargo room forward of the center console for equipment, or stretchers etc. Side benches with storage under and seating for up to 8 passengers.

There are two versions available: The Lifeboat shown here and the “Military Version” that sees the console removed in favor of tiller steering and a few other tweaks.

Aside from service work this boat is well suited to the sportsman looking for a fishing boat, hunting boat, or all around boat for family outings. There’s plenty of room for cargo and people. Foam Filled Floatation compartments ensure level floatation when swamped.

Lifeboat Cutting Edge Aluminium Boats

Customizations or alterations can be made to this design to suit your individual needs.
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